For years we have traveled the world in search of new friends and adventures. This time, we wanted to flip things around and have our friends experience our little corner of the earth that we call home. Invited were old and new acquaintances from around the world. Check out what they had to say about their experiences >

Warehouse Raided By



Oh no! It happened again! Check out what the Athletic Club Bilbao Goalie Gorka Iraizoz and his little helper looted on their turn >

He is known for his rock’n’roll antics, as well as being an avid sailor and an overall madman. The Berserk Bastards frontman sailed through the Gulf of Bothnia, like the Vikings did back in the days, and raided our warehouse in true Norwegian style. Witness his wrath >

We'd like to congratulate the reigning African wrestling champion Mr. Super Makia for winning his retirement fight and keeping his record clean and undefeated for a straight 86 victories and one draw. Stay tuned for Super Makia Jubilee Collection next spring.

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