For years we have traveled the world in search of new friends and adventures. This time, we wanted to flip things around and have our friends experience our little corner of the earth that we call home. Invited were old and new acquaintances from around the world. Check out what they had to say about their experiences >

Warehouse Raided By


Greeting From Makia - Eric Conyers

Rohan Marley, is the entrepreneur son and former American football player, of the legendary Bob Marley. As an old linebacker he had no problems getting into our warehouse and we on the other hand, had no problem of him doing so. One love.

STOP! We created a traffic light system for our Online Store. It's a great tool for displaying the availability of our products. Simple. Green means plenty of stock, yellow is in demand and red almost sold out. Now you know when to order your favourite Makia gear, before it runs out! Shop now >


Dave Carnie is a literate genius and has stirred things up in outlets like the
Big Brother Magazine, Jackass , Rolling Stone and Hustler just to name a few. We stumbled upon him at our local watering hole. This is what happened >

Eric Conyers is a boardsports industry veteran from LA California, currently residing in Berlin. His recent projects have taken him from the headphone business to working as a brand consultant for various companies.

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