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Makia is a proud sponsor of the first ever Winter Olympic Team of Zimbabwe.
Makia and Zimbabwe Winter Olympic Team have closed a sponsorship agreement regarding Sochi Olympic Games. Following the agreement, Makia will provide outfits for the Zimbabwean national team. Ski Racer Luke Steyn will be the first ever Zimbabwean to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.
Olympic Team of Zimbabwe officially signs with Makia.
Greetings from Luke Steyn. Zimbabwe's first Winter Olympian ever.

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“We as a small company, we feel very proud to be able to support an athlete from the other side of the world and to be a part of the Olympic dream that unites us all”
- Joni Malmi, Founder, Makia Clothing.

“I don't think you can find a better match. A small enthusiastic nation making its mark on the Winter Olympics, partnered with a young, creative company like Makia. I look forward to building on this exciting relationship in the future"
- Luke Steyn, Olympic Ski Racer

About Luke Steyn

Born in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe. Luke Steyn is the country’s first athlete to participate in the WInter Olympic Games. Moving to Europe at an early age, Luke started his skiing career in European skiing academies and eventually moved on to the University of Colorado. He is excited to be a part of his country’s history in Sochi, although he has moved from Zimbabwe, he still feels a very strong connection to his native country.

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