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MAKIA&ETNIES fall/winter 2012

Makia and etnies proudly partner up to produce a quality line of clothing and shoes. The partnership between Makia and etnies represents the passion one has to have to push through rain, wind and snow during dark cold winter months, just to go skating.

The product range is a full setup of what you need on your journey. From water repellent high-top shoes to the Raglan parka jacket, the line is based on subtle grayscale tones that draw inspiration from old black and white pictures as well as the nordic winters. This reflects the “life-after-skate” feeling that the whole partnership is based on. Classic timeless items with small details, cuts and patterns that take inspiration from old Black & White photo’s  as well as the harsh Nordic winters. All products are designed to keep you warm, dry and classy for a trip to the skatepark and back. So go ahead – put your kids to bed, kiss your old lady goodnight and go out skateboarding just for the hell of it.

The line is now available at better etnies and Makia retailers around the globe and on: